Dr. Brett's Blog


Welcome to Dr. Brett's Blog...the space where my brain occasionally comes to play!  I look forward to using this space to explore ideas and share my thoughts/experiences as a clinical psychologist, behavior specialist, parent coach, and consultant. You can expect to find topics related to applied behavior change, parent/family support, living mindfully, maintaining work-life balance, and the value in applying prevention/early intervention principles in all spheres of our lives.  Who knows, with enough coaxing I might even share the occasional embarrassing story that every public speaker seems to have if they've done it long enough...and trust me, I've got a couple for the books! 

In much the same way that each of our life's journeys and perspectives continue to evolve with each new experience, I fully expect the content of this blog to also evolve over time.  My hope is that we are able to experience this evolution together.  I invite your thoughts, comments and ideas in response to each blog entry, as this is one of the many ways we can all continue to grow and learn as a virtual community.     

Dr. Brett's Blog Entries