Helping Parents Understand & Manage Challenging Behaviors


The Many Joys and Challenges of Parenting

 Many parents acknowledge that the trials of parenthood are filled with daily joys as well as struggles.  The overwhelming pride and pleasure of watching your child develop can, at times, be equally matched by feelings of intense frustration and ineffectiveness.  As a result of those difficult moments, parents often report feeling isolated, blamed, and/or unsupported as they try to cope with their child’s challenging behaviors.  At Progressive Interventions we work with parents to manage this frustration by offering tools to achieve the primary objectives of parenting: keeping children safe, teaching them the skills necessary to reach their potential as adults, all while nurturing a happy and healthy family environment. 

Parent Support Services

Behavior Compass© Workshop for Parent

Education-based program providing parents with tools for positive behavior management 

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Parent Coaching Clinic

Individualized coaching services helping parents develop and implement tailored behavior intervention plans

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