Supporting Positive Behaviors in the Classroom Setting


Helping Educators Educate

Having to manage challenging behaviors in the classroom setting is a frequent point of frustration for teachers at all grade levels.  Not only is it an increasingly common barrier to the social and academic success of children, it is also reportedly one of the most common reasons given for teacher burnout.  

Teacher Training Services

Our primary directive for school-based services is to provide teachers at all grade levels with the tools to help them achieve their goals as educators. One way in which we support this is through our Teacher Training services.  Common training topics include:

  • Proactive Behavior Intervention Principles
  • Developing and Implementing Tailored Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Stress Management and Mindful Practices for Teachers
  • Impact of Social/Emotional Development in the Academic Setting
  • Issues in Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Understanding ADHD in the Classroom

Tailored training topics are available as needed and upon request.

Classroom Consultation

Classroom consultation services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each school.  Examples of the types of services include:

  • Individualized classroom-based behavioral assessments
  • Developing customized classroom-based behavior intervention plans
  • Serving as a consultant in Behavior Support Team meetings

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