In The Words Of Our Clients


"(Dr. Patterson has) a wonderful gift of communicating with people and providing them with the self assurance and hope that things will be brighter in the future. We have been lucky to have our paths cross." 

     - Name withheld by request

"Dr. Brett Patterson is a personable and knowledgeable psychologist, specializing in children and challenging behaviors. " 

    - Karla F 

"Thank you for the great (Behavior Compass) workshop - exceptional!  My husband and I talked non-stop on the way home. You are truly an inspiration for change. My husband was also completely moved by your presentation.  Our year in therapy never generated this same level of desire for change - Thank you!!!!" 

     - Name withheld by request

"What a great learning experience this has been...You are a great teacher and I appreciate all the insight I have gained. Thanks for your time and making a difference in our lives." 

     - Denise B.

"I don't have enough words to say 'Thank You.' I feel glad to be in your class and learned how to be a better mom. You helped me to find a window in a place that before I saw only a wall." 

     - Martina C.

"The Behavior Compass class has changed my life.  It has honestly changed the way I see situations...I simply cannot tell you the difference it has made for both of us."

     - Kimberly W.